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Windows & Doors Made To Measure

Custom designed, high performance and solutions focused; our aluminium windows and doors are selected and manufactured to your project's needs.

Australian Made & Designed

We supply Australian made aluminium windows and doors, designed for the Australian climate. Our windows and doors are tested and certified to Australian building standards and manufactured in our Hervey Bay facility.

Solutions Focused

Bayview Glass supply custom aluminium windows and doors that can be manufactured to meet bushfire, acoustic or energy efficiency ratings. Our aluminium windows and doors can be customised with double glazing and thermally broken framing systems for superior thermal comfort.

Windows & Doors Supply & Install

Bayview Glass supply and install aluminium windows and doors throughout Hervey Bay and surrounding districts, as well as providing service and maintenance work to ensure customer satisfaction on every project.

Our Windows & Doors

Replacing windows and doors is a common tactic as part of a wider renovation, and can be the key to upgrading rooms and access to outdoor spaces. If you are currently looking at renovating your spaces, then fitting new windows and doors can do much more to transform your space, and at Bayview Glass, we can assist you in learning more about the benefits of this material.

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Benefits of Aluminium Windows and Doors

Discovering greater durability

One of the reasons why so many homeowners choose aluminium is because it is very resistant to decay and rust. While wood and other metals may corrode over time, aluminium is extremely solid and long-lasting.

Avoiding maintenance

Another reason why aluminium fittings for doors and windows are so popular is that they require much less maintenance than other materials. For example, you may have to clean wood and metal regularly to prevent it from becoming tarnished, while aluminium products from Bayview Glass may only need to be lightly cleaned twice a year.


Much cheaper than other types of materials used in constructing doors and windows, aluminium is more cost-effective than timber, PVC and stainless steel when used in a standard domestic setting. It also is more cost-effective over the entire span of its life, lasting longer and needing less management.


You may also benefit from the flexibility of aluminium. Unlike other metals, timbers or PVC, aluminium can be customised more easily, to fit in with unusual window configurations or door shapes. This makes it much more practical for homeowners looking for affordable fittings in difficult spaces.

Better environmental performance

You may have thought that your energy efficiency relied solely upon having double glazing and reducing draft around the edges the windows. However, aluminium has been the most consistently improved of all framing materials, helping you to limit heat loss and keeping your home warm by providing additional insulation.

Aluminium designs

One of the best reasons to choose aluminium is that it allows you to have more design features in your living space. Aluminium windows and doors can be constructed in much larger sizes than with timber panels or PVC, and the aluminium material can be finished using powder coating to reduce the industrial effect of the metal. When you come to Bayview Glass, we can help you to find the perfect look for your home, so reach out to us now, either online or by calling 07 4128 9333 today.

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Bayview Glass are leading manufacturers of contemporary architectural aluminium windows and doors. Our team will provide you with technical advice, design expertise and quality workmanship to ensure the highest quality products for your project.


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