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The Beauty of Bi-Folds

Here at Bayview Glass we have windows and doors that will bring class and beauty to your home. Non more so than our stunning range of bi-fold options for your home.

They are a perfect way to bring the outside into your home and to be able to close off or open up a room effortlessly and within seconds.

But what else can these innovative and exciting designs bring to a home and can they help to lower those ever rising energy bills?

bifold windows and doors

The Perfect Addition


If you are looking to replace your existing sliding windows and doors or are thinking of having one installed in your home, why not choose the bi-fold option instead.

They are a perfect way to bring light streaming into your home and make it an airy and beautiful space. When close they will act as a stunning frame to look out into your garden and cherish the view.

You can choose to have one hinged door added to the bi-fold for during the cooler months so you can enter and exit as you would with a normal door.

In the summer however, you can effortlessly open them to leave you with an uninterrupted access point that lets the air and outdoors stream in and extend your home out into the garden which will give you a bigger space for entertaining and for you and the children to enjoy.


Choose The Options That Suit You


Our bi-fold range come with a huge range of options which include handles, finishes, opening mechanisms and much more. The decision for you is which options will work for your needs.

We do advise adding a hinged door to the unit. Without it to exit and enter the property you will have you open one of the bi-folds, by adding a door, you can easily enter and exit and keep the heat in in winter. All our doors are secure and safe and will work with you to protect your home.


Working For You


Our bi-fold can work with your home to help keep your bills down. During the winter and summer, when they are closed, the will keep the heat out or in your home.

They will reflect the harsh sunlight during the summer so that it does not permeate into the home and in winter will trap the heat into your home.

By doing this it will help you to use less air conditioning and heating which in turn bring down your bills, so they don’t just look fantastic, they work with you as well.


Enlighten Your Home


To find the bi-fold windows and doors that will give you home a classy and stunning look, contact our team here at Bayview Glass. We know all there is about glass and can help you make the right decision. Call now on 07 4128 9333.