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How to Choose the Right Doors for Your Renovation

Windows and doors are the finishing touch to any renovation project. Understanding how to choose the right doors for your renovation is paramount to long term satisfaction. 

Renovations are a major investment so it is important to choose the right doors at the outset. With various aluminum door types available,  hinged doors, folding doors or sliding doors, the right selection can make a big difference to your home.

To assist with choosing the right doors for your renovation, Bayview Glass are here to offer you a few suggestions.

Completing your grand vision

If you have a vision of what your finished project will look like, you want doors that will match up with that ideal.

If you have been working with a contractor, they may have some suggestions about the type of doors that will best suit your new space. The ultimate choice will be down to you, as you will be the one living with the end result.

Choosing the right style

You can choose from a variety of different doors, all of which will feature different class types, materials and colours in a variety of forms.

You may also have different priorities, for example by choosing doors which keep in extra heat, or ones which are particularly stylish.

Sliding doors

These are traditional patio doors, providing easy access to your external spaces.

Although in the past they had issues with secure locking, it is now possible to buy specialist systems designed to prevent intruders from gaining access via sliding doors.

This additional security has once again made them the door of choice for many homeowners.

Choosing hinged doors

If you want a classic and stylish set of French hinged doors, then Bayview Glass can offer you a fantastic selection.

Hinged Doors offer great durability and functionality. They can be combined with other doors or windows to create a harmonious final look for your project.

Choosing bifold doors

Bifold doors allow you to maximise the liveable space between two areas when open. 

These doors can be folded into multiple panes, reducing the presence of the door between living areas. 

They can also be thermally broken, giving them better energy efficiency when closed. heat protection.

Making the final choice

Are you interested in your options for folding doors in the Queensland area? Bayview Glass can help you choose the right doors for your renovation. We can assist you with a variety of aluminium doors and offer a wide range of finishes. 

 Contact us for more information or call 07-4128-9333. 

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