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How to Add A Feeling Of Space With Glass Bifold Doors

For many homeowners, one of the biggest challenges that they face when it comes to making the most out of their property is getting as much natural light and space into the various rooms as possible.

Nobody wants to feel as though their living environment is dark and cramped, and here at Bay View Glass we think that one of the best ways to solve both of these problems with a single solution is the installation of bifold windows in your house.


Choosing the Right Doors for Your Renovation

Windows and doors are the finishing touch to any renovation project.

Defining the lasting appearance of your rooms, they are also a significant investment.

Making sure that you have the right doors, whether that is hinged doors, folding doors or sliding doors can make a great deal of difference to your home.

If you are wondering how to make the right choice, Bayview Glass are here to offer you a few suggestions.


The Beauty of Bi-Folds

Here at Bayview Glass we have windows and doors that will bring class and beauty to your home. Non more so than our stunning range of bi-fold options for your home.

They are a perfect way to bring the outside into your home and to be able to close off or open up a room effortlessly and within seconds.

But what else can these innovative and exciting designs bring to a home and can they help to lower those ever rising energy bills?


Bi-Fold Windows and Doors Are In Demand

Quality Windows and Doors

One of the great advantages of the fabulous Australian climate is that you get to spend a great deal of time relaxing and entertaining outdoors.

Here at Bayview Glass, we have developed a beautiful range of windows and doors that allow you to bring the outside into your home.