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Bi-Fold Windows and Doors Are In Demand

Quality Windows and Doors

One of the great advantages of the fabulous Australian climate is that you get to spend a great deal of time relaxing and entertaining outdoors.

Here at Bayview Glass, we have developed a beautiful range of windows and doors that allow you to bring the outside into your home.

Our fabulous range of aluminium bi-fold windows and doors will take your home to the next level.

Adding another dimension to any room

From dining areas and lounges to bedrooms and balcony views, bi-fold doors are the nearest thing to removing the walls of your house and replacing them with glass. While conventional sliding doors also allow more light in, they can’t compete with bi-fold systems for creating another dimension of space and airiness.

A perfect blend of form and function

The bi-fold windows and doors that we manufacture and install here at Bayview Glass are all made to the highest of quality standards. A whole range of design features includes double or thermal break glazing and bottom and top rolling support. Our innovative design team has created the perfect balance of form and function that will grace the appearance of any style of home.

Hi-performance windows and doors

It goes almost without mention that your home represents what is most likely your largest lifetime investment. Here at Bayview glass, we appreciate that you will want to protect and enhance that investment in any way possible. Our windows and doors come with the highest levels of durability built into them. They also incorporate a range of locks and fixtures that have been manufactured to the most stringent of Australian standards.

A huge range of application possibilities

Thanks to their robust design and high build standards our bi-fold doors are suitable for panel heights right up to and including 2600mm.

Single panel widths of a staggering 1000mm are also achieved while ease of operation is assured for years to come! All of this with glass thicknesses of 20mm is all the assurance you need that you are looking at a top-quality product that fits virtually every application.

Tried and tested for the Australian climate

With high water resistant test results and countless completed projects that continue to provide trouble-free operation, you can’t go wrong. These windows and doors have stood the test of time, the harsh Australian climate, and the most rigorous testing to certifiable standards.

Choosing Bayview Glass

While there may be other products available that look similar to our doors and windows you should always ensure that you are comparing like for like.

Call the glazing experts here at Bayview Glass now on 07 4128 9333 for the latest generation of bi-fold windows and doors.